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Full-Service Community School

Program Overview

The purpose of establishing the Vallejo Full-Service Community Schools Program (VFSCS) is to ensure students have clear pathways from Preschool to College and Career. The VFSCS program provides comprehensive academic, social, mental, and physical education services to meet student, family, and community needs beginning in the North Vallejo community.


Program's Goal and Objectives:


The goal of the Vallejo Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) is to improve student academic achievement and well being through the offering of comprehensive high-quality services.  The following are the program's main objectives:

  • Improve student achievement (closing the achievement gap)

  • Improve student attendance

  • Reduce student referrals, suspensions, and expulsions

  • Increase student well-being in a range of health indices

  • Improve school campus safety

  • Increase parent involvement in their children's education



Academic Support Provider (ASP)

Ms. Liliana Morales, Academic Support Provider (ASP)
Ms. Morales with the school Youth Leadership Team (YLT) on Sportswear Day (3/23/2018).


As an Academic Support Provider, Ms. Morales' role is as follows:

  • Identifies students who have attendance issues, those struggling academically, and those with behavioral/emotional difficulties

  • Facilitates Student Success Team meetings (SST’s) which are geared towards meeting the needs of the student to ensure their success.

  • Processes Family Resource Center referrals (FRC’s) which are geared towards linking resources to students and their families in need of social services.

  • Youth Leadership Team Leader (YLT). The purpose of the Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is for students to learn leadership and team building skills. The YLT team promotes positive school culture, participates in exciting activities, team building exercises and practices, and other fun projects. 

  • Coordinates special educational events such as Fall Family Nights’, Spring Family Nights’, American Heart Association Jump Rope for Healthy Hearts, and much more.

  • Coordinates and facilitates Collaborative Meetings once a month, to network with resources in order to meet the needs of our school based on data collected from last year’s Family Survey. Our Family Survey is located on our school website.



Upcoming Events

Spring Family Night!

March 12, 2019 

3:30pm - 5:30pm


Questions? ¿Preguntas?

Contact Ms. Morales. 

Located in: Room 10

Phone: (707) 556-8410 ext. 59210